Business Management Consulting

Support for capital raises, CRE development transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and start-ups looking for that edge…


exists for the sole purpose of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (called “SMEs”, generally). Our mission focuses on helping SMEs to grow or launch a business (or commercial real estate project, as the case may be) that is seeking to obtain capital, acquire a business (or property), comply with the securities regulations, avoid fraud, or obtain an independent review of an opportunity or investment proposal.


Maybe you need a someone to help prevent your deal from becoming a dumpster fire, yet you don’t want to give away control of the future of the company or the lion’s-share of the profits your hard work suggests should be yours to keep. You need a map, a plan and someone with the experience to help you see around the corner and tell you what is likely to happen next.

Perhaps you need a business loan for a CRE project or other business venture and have everything riding on the deal, so you want to maximize your opportunity for a successful outcome by having institutional investment quality due diligence in back of your proposal – yeah, THAT paperwork.

Everything in life involves calculating risk-taking and that means every business faces the prospects of undertaking negotiations for the things they want or resolution regarding a thorny dispute that won’t go away.  You need someone who is experienced, creative, patient, and persistent in your corner – they have someone like us in theirs.


What We DO

We provide consulting support on an end-to-end basis or can fill in the gaps regarding your business knowledge, processes, or intelligence.

We create plans, reports, and presentations to help get the job done – and we will even lead the team and give the presentation to hammer home your position.


We manage our services delivery approach in light of your goals.

Nothing is easy and risk is always right in front of you waiting for the opportunity to pounce.  To help you protect your budget risk exposure, we deliver our services on an hourly basis against a gross maximum price (in most cases) – you pay the lesser of the total hourly charges or the gross max price.  The goal is simple: our goal is to help you manage risk by managing deliverables, schedule, and budget – including our work.  Being an entrepreneur means you have to be an expert risk manager in today’s world.  We will help you get there.

What You Can Expect

You should expect creative solutions from us and dogged work that gets completed quickly and efficiently.  We are, first and foremost, oriented in the delivery of quality reports that have a real use in obtaining capital financing, managing a business, completing an acquisition or sale, preventing fraud (in all its ugly forms), and helping you sleep better at night.

Our vision is simple – business is typically exciting and rewarding in more than just compensation (though we do remember to keep score with the money, right?).  We focus on engendering a cordial working relationship and providing you with the support you need, when you need it.


What You Must Accept

You must accept the fact that, like all of life, business ventures involve measured risk-taking. You must accept the reality that:

  • opportunities to realize profits in business only come when you accept the risks that come with those opportunities (i.e., Rule Number One: a “risk-less” deal has no profit); 
  • the reality that you get to pay for all of it – how you pay for it is what tends to separate the winners from the losers. The losers tend to think someone will raise the capital in exchange for a fee at closing – that’s kind of like you playing the lottery and if you win, you give someone else the money and they give you a commission. The winners follow the legal process and have a talented deal team to help keep the deal from going into the ditch;
  • only securities broker-dealers can be paid any form of commission or success fee (anyone who isn’t a licensed broker-dealer and does so is in violation of the law and you will have to end up giving back all of the investor funds to the Enforcement Division of the Securities & Exchange Commission at the very least);
  • there are no guarantees or warranties of any kind that you can make to investors or anyone can make to you, including a “guaranteed raise” or “guaranteed funding”. In most cases, merely offering a “guaranteed raise” may constitute a fraudulent act, so be wary of anyone making such ridiculous statements or offers.
  • you must be transparent, honest, and disclose everything to us. We will find out anyway. Failure to disclose a material issue is an automatic deal-killer that may have potential criminal consequences. We can talk about it, then create a mitigation plan to deal with it but you will disclose. You don’t have to lie, cheat or steal to make this work. If you do, you will be gone in a flash.


Reach Out

If this sounds workable to you, then reach out to us. The initial consultation is not free, but is credited towards your services agreement.  If you do not enter into a services agreement, you will have your key questions answered and alternative pathways to resolution for your business matter as a product of your first consultation (whether you hire us or not).