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Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

Buying or selling a business (or CRE income-producing property) can get thorny.  The due diligence production requirements can seem confusing and be a potential deal-killer because the counterparty may be unsure of the form or content requirements attending a production request.  Communications during the entirety of the M&A process is critical to a smooth transaction outcome on an expedited basis.  The RTMS approach is to add value via certain key service program tenets.

Creative Deal Structures

One party gets the price and the other party gets the terms – that’s the way it happens in M&A deals.  Structuring the terms involves an intrinsic knowledge of the potential future financial results of operations, ownership structures, and goals.  RTMS brings it all together in an end-to-end approach to support the win-win-win outcome requirement.

M&A Business Process Management

The due diligence production and management tasking starts before there is an offer made or received.  Understanding the requirements, obtaining the necessary documentation, and managing expectations and schedules is as critical to the success of the deal as the structure of the deal.  All of this starts at the intake point as the preparation of the transaction to go to market or the due diligence review of an acquisition opportunity (as the case may be) dictates the timing, efficiency, and costs associated with getting the transaction completed.

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