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Financial Forecasts Are Pro Forma

Every business deal is about the numbers and the financial forecast is at the bottom of it all.  Every financial forecast is predicated upon a pro forma financial model.  The resulting report demonstrates, all other things being equal, the forecasted outcome if all events are met with material success in accordance with the projected timeline.  RTMS has in-depth experience and expertise in creating these presentations for bank lending, capital raises, acquisitions, and recapitalizations owing to CRE income-producing properties, select B2B verticals, the D2C vertical, and select B2C verticals.

Our reporting tends to go overboard – we typically present the Financial Forecast in multiple levels of detail that includes annual as well as month-by-month reporting.  A typical assignment is completed within 21 days.  We document all of the line item notes and provide them in a separate Means & Methods disclosure for underwriters who want to know, “how we got there…”

Reporting includes the following key elements:

  • Summary Presentation – multiple pages of summary graphical presentations of the key findings of the forecast.
  • Lender Summary – key page summary pertaining to critical loan underwriting points.
  • Investor Summary – key page summary of prospective investor capital gains findings.
  • Pro Forma Statements – sectional presentation of the four (4) main FASB statements and attending key point indicator graphics.
  • Supporting Schedules – section presenting all of the annual values for the supporting operating and non-operating schedules.
  • Means & Methods Disclosure – separate disclosure listing the Tables of Assumptions and basis of calculation for all line items in all schedules.
financial forecasts and pro forma modeling reports
pro forma financial forecast statement sample


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