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More than a Pitch Deck – Less than an Offering: Say Hello to Rule 241

The new Rule 241 (§§230.241) of The Securities Act of 1933 provides commercial real estate sponsors, entrepreneurs, and medium-sized business sponsors the opportunity to utilize a hybridized pitch deck that is more of a business plan – but is not an offering.  Yet Rule 241 has some hidden gems within it that you cannot afford to ignore:

  • Broadcast Advertising Opportunity.  Under strict guidelines, the solicitation can be widely advertised to the public stating you will be looking for capital and inviting them to express interest and communicate with the issuer.  What’s that mean?  It means the sponsor can “build the book” of prospective future investors in a way that is very similar to the IPO process and take advantage of advertising in a way that was never possible in the past. 
  • Future Joint Venture Opportunity.  What if a sophisticated, accredited investor stepped up and said they would offer terms to fund the whole deal?  The Rule 241 process provides a loophole to allow these types of “expressions of interest” to be received during the 241 disclosure process.  This is an incredible opportunity, the value of which cannot be overstated. 

 Get the team that knows the ropes and what will be likely needed to satisfy prospective investors – the kind who may stroke that one check that can change everything about your dream – get with the RTMS team and see what can be done for your benefit.



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