Get more than fraud prevention – get a lower operating cost as a value-add…

Fraud, embezzlement, vendor non-performance, financial reporting transparency, funds custody, and controlling G&A expense are all challenges businesses and commercial income-producing properties have to face.  Finally, there is a systemic solution that eliminates the possibility of the most common types of fraud schemes and outcomes that also comes with the opportunity for a net zero cost of ownership.  RTMS provides a proprietary fraud prevention and vendor control program designed to put real money back in your pocket while you sleep better at night.

Construction industry businesses face a huge fraud challenge – phony invoices, false mechanic’s lien filings, sub-contractor/vendor non-performance, and liabilities arising out of the transfer of assets.  RTMS has specific solutions that end these maladies and also extend beyond construction into ongoing operations.  The savings are demonstrably real that you put back into your business.

B2B businesses having revenues of more than $500,000 (USD) per annum have similar options that extend to direct G&A savings, elimination of redundant personnel costs, reduction of audit costs, and better purchasing power – all rolled up into a unique fraud prevention program that operates in a fundamentally different way than accounting and bookkeeping have in the past, so it is impossible to beat this proprietary approach and expose the business to embezzlement without knowing about it – right at the point in time when it is attempted.

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