If you fail to plan, then plan on failing…


Commercial Real Estate Development Project Business Planning

Commercial real estate development projects involve quite a bit of planning.  Quite often the arduous challenges associated with the pre-construction phase project A&E deliverables can cause the developer to lose sight of the business planning requirements necessary to support obtaining the required capital financing.  In the end, this approach is akin to, “putting the cart before the horse.”  CRE developers live on the edge of financial investment leverage to support their business model goals, so failing to document and fund this most important aspect of the transaction almost always leads to a business model and/or project failure.  RTMS focuses on the entirety of the business planning process that is tied to directly to the findings of the market feasibility study and moves thru the entirety of the proposed project’s lifecycle.  

CRE new construction projects also suffer under the burden of operating in a very high fraud risk environment and the failure to provide adequate control plans for vendors, payments, lien releases, and financial reporting opens the door for the bank or investor to reject the deal as being too risky.  RTMS offers a construction risk management plan that provides proactive fraud prevention combined with an aggressive purchasing strategy to create the opportunity for a solution that has no effective cost of ownership to implement.  Yes, you can sleep better at night.


When you start the capital finance underwriting process it pays to remember the fact that all investors and banks know about you and your opportunity is reflected in your planning documents.  A business plan (i.e., capital funding proposal) is just the starting point.  As you get deeper into the underwriting process you will likely have to produce the detailed operations plan, regulatory compliance plan, employee management plan, vendor risk management plan, marketing plan, fraud control plan, financial reporting plan to demonstrate you are ready to do business.  RTMS routinely drafts these plan documents and provides integral planning support consulting aimed at maximizing your opportunity for a successful outcome.  A plan without a back-up is a failure waiting to happen.  With RTMS in your corner, you can stop planning on failing to check these important underwriting boxes.


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