The rules on business plans for equity raises have changed…


Business Plans for Equity Capital Raises

SEC rule changes now mandate a different approach entirely for business plans to be used for equity capital raises and/or joint venture proposals.  Whether you need a plan for a commercial real estate new construction project, a start-up business, or an existing business the regulatory envelope means you need to jump thru some different hoops to get your shot at obtaining equity capital in the capital markets.

Equity Capital Raise Business Plan Basics

The process is now different due to Final Rule No. 33-10884 from the SEC.  The new rule makes the old habit of just circulating a business plan around town non-workable.  This means the plan has to conform with the Rule 241 or Rule 206 provisions of The Securities Act of 1933 or you do a securities offering disclosure.  There does not appear to be much in between.  The good news is these new rules allow you – under certain circumstances – to broadly advertise the fact you will be looking for capital in a future offering and have meaningful dialog with prospective investors.  RTMS follows the rules and creates documents consistent with the requirements for disclosure and compliance.  Come talk to us about what your planning and execution process is intended to look like.  We will help you craft a plan disclosure to maximize your opportunity for a successful outcome.


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