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Business start-ups are the ultimate entrepreneurial challenge. Fortunately, you don’t have to potentially go it alone.  Our principals have decades of experience in these matters.  Project feasibility studies, valuation analyses, pro forma financial presentations, pre-offering disclosures, offering due diligence, bank loan submissions, business operating plans, regulatory compliance plans, and a whole lot more go into getting the business side of the business ready to go.  You must be prepared to people that your business deal is a stand-out that warrants serious underwriting attention.  We will help you get there by providing you with timely reports and business management consulting for operations, finance, risk management, and compliance.  Our reporting services fully illustrate the nature of the opportunity with concrete third-party evidence to help substantiate the representations of fact you are going to be making.  We support entrepreneurs and companies (acting as issuers) to try and keep things simple and easy in a complex business transaction environment.  We believe we can support your needs as well.  Our principals have completed transactions in the B2B, B2C, and D2C business verticals, so it is likely we can provide you with the added-value solutions you are likely to not even be familiar with – that’s value you cannot put a price tag on in today’s business world.


When you start the capital finance underwriting process it pays to remember the fact that all investors and banks know about you and your opportunity is reflected in your planning documents.  A business plan (i.e., capital funding proposal) is just the starting point.  As you get deeper into the underwriting process you will likely have to produce the detailed operations plan, regulatory compliance plan, employee management plan, vendor risk management plan, marketing plan, fraud control plan, financial reporting plan to demonstrate you are ready to do business.  RTMS routinely drafts these plan documents and provides integral planning support consulting aimed at maximizing your opportunity for a successful outcome.  A plan without a back-up is a failure waiting to happen.  With RTMS in your corner, you can stop planning on failing to check these important underwriting boxes.


Every capital financing opportunity relies upon projections and forecasts as to the future outcome of operations and the financial reporting and forecasting has to reflect the sober realities of the current capital markets investment expectations.  RTMS creates pro forma financial models and forecast reports that offer the in-depth detail underwriters crave, while also providing graphics-rich summary documents intended to start those important conversations that can lead to a closed deal.  Our typical program includes all of the main FASB schedules as well as the supporting department schedules presented in terms of annual reporting and month-by-month reporting for a 5-year forecast period.  Our modeling is used as a back-check of market feasibility report empirical assumptions and key conclusions.  Typical turnaround on these assignments is less than two (2) weeks and includes a separate disclosure on the means and methods attending the financial forecast.  If you need to do it by the numbers, RTMS has yours.


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