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Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

The negotiations and presentations processes can be tough to get thru and it pays to have experienced (and affordable!) M&A business management consultants on tap to explain the business impacts, provide those all-important deal terms alternatives that can help create the win-win-win outcome that is critical to closing the deal.  Business doesn’t have to be a zero-sum gain proposition.  In fact, if only someone potentially wins, then nobody will end up winning by the time the dust settles.  RTMS focuses on providing the business management analysis, valuation, and terms structures – each in terms of the other, and in terms of your goals and requirements – that may make the key difference in a potential merger or acquisition opportunity.

Create That Ideal Deal Plan Set of Terms

Let’s face it – we aren’t going to likely be successful by digging in our heels or arguing like we are purchasing a rug at the bazaar – far from it.  Hollywood notwithstanding, the reality is the creation of the ideal deal plan boils down to understanding the alternatives are there for the creative deal structure to evolve and prosper.  Turn to RTMS on this point and find the added-value approach that you may have yet to experience in business management consulting.

Manage the Risk to Manage Process & Outcome

Whether you realize it or not, you are a business person and that means you have to be a professional risk manager to be successful.  The development of the transaction risk profile and “pain points” is critical to making the potential opportunity workable or saving yourself some time and money pursuing a dream that can only be a nightmare.  Our focus is on approaching the transaction strategically by gaining a complete understanding of the financial, market, organizational, regulatory – and even emotional – issues that must be addressed before the first term sheet is reviewed.  This turnkey approach seems to work best and why change something if it isn’t broken?  It doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to work.  We will work with you on the entire program and process.

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