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Business Plans – Commercial Loans & Lending

The commercial lending arena is tough and the business plans used to solicit a commercial loan for a business or commercial real estate project have to be “spot-on” to maximize the opportunity for a successful outcome.  The probability of success odds are about 1 in 8, so your business plan document has to have the form and content to stand out from the pile of other unsolicited funding proposals – and stand up to initial underwriting review.  RTMS principals have definitive experience in preparing these documents for CRE development lending (conventional, HUD, FHA, USDA, and SBA), as well as B2B loan proposals.

Not all plans are the same, yet the basics have to be there in terms of form, content, and not include any subjective/hyperbolic claims that cannot be directly supported by third-party facts.  

Grammar and spelling count.  Poorly constructed documents that have not been vetted for grammatical construction errors and spelling errors are a quick ticket to rejection.

Before you move forward with the plan you have to make sure the supporting documents are there when asked for – the key to getting thru underwriting is to never make the counterparty wait for a document.  Being prepared means you have the market study, complete financial forecast, G2M plan, regulatory plan, vendor control plan, fraud prevention plan, financial reporting plan, and plan of operations for all aspects of the business in-hand, vetted, and ready for transmittal when asked.  Turn to the experienced professionals at RTMS to have your documents reviewed or created such that your chances of a successful outcome are indeed optimized.



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